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About Creepz Tracker

Creepz Tracker is a community run project to track statistics and transactions for the Cold Blooded Creepz DeFi game. It is not affiliated with Cold Blooded Creepz.

How does Creepz Tracker Work?Creepz Tracker is a completely free dashboard that shows the state of any wallet in the game and some interesting game world statistics. We wanted to bring all the information you'd usually hunt for across multiple sites into one place.

Is Creep Tracker Safe?You do not need to connect your wallet or sign any messages to use Creepz Tracker. This tool only reads data from various sources. You cannot create any transactions using Creepz Tracker.

How are these numbers calculated?A combination of querying the various game contracts and using other open APIs.

Why are some of the numbers off?While every effort is made to ensure the numbers are correct, limitations on data provider APIs and irregular player activity may result in inaccurate numbers. Creepz Tracker should not be used as a source of truth.

How can I contribute?DM us on Twitter @creepztracker_. We're always looking for suggestions for new features, help building those features or just testing. You can also send any Loomi donations to 0x167D9E9734F5220dB5f59288A0dD45C765F8698c